Cholla at Sunset


"Talent must be a fanatical mistress. She's beautiful: when you're with her, people watch you, they notice. But she bangs on your door at odd hours, and she disappears for long stretches, and she has no patience for the rest of your exhistence: your wife, your children, your friends. She is the most thrilling evening of your week, but some day she will leave you for good. One night, after she's been gone for years, you will see her on the arm of a younger man, and she will pretend not to recognize you."

--David Benioff, City of Thieves

Morning Fire 

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Single Mans End

Featured Painting: SINGLE MAN'S END, (2020) Oil, 14"x42" by John Meister


ANNOUNCEMENT: On Nov. 21, 2020, I was invited to do an online Zoom presentation to the Rio Grande Art Association. The first part of the talk was an overview of some of my art. The three images below show the subject photo, the underpainting, and the final painting for the second part of my presentation titled, "Tips for Tackling a Visually Complex Painting Subject". *Click here if you would like to see this presentation.



"Every artist should find a muse ... History, past and present, provides us with a rich diversity in art. When I feel that my muse is hiding from me, I am always inspired by those visual historians who came before and left behind something to admire." –from my Bio

My name is John Meister and I am an artist living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After more than 20 years of illustration and Graphic Design, I made the shift to follow a long-time dream of painting. On this site you will find galleries of both my current paintings and examples of my past commercial work. My events calendar lists dates and links for what is going on in my art world. I also have a link to my contact information if you would like to get in touch with me.

I hope that you enjoy your experience here and have some time to look around. If you have any questions or comments about the art, the site in general, or just want to catch up, contact me, I would love to hear from you. Please take time to sign my guestbook before you leave to let me know that you've visited.

Cheers and thanks for stopping by! --John


*Click on the following link to read my article for Plein Air Today (, on visiting and painting Northern New Mexico...

Painting in New Mexico’s High Desert - A Land of Resilience in the Face of Decay

Summer Path
Cholla Fruit Study
Just Before the Fireworks
Snowy Oaks



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In 2014, a friend and I began painting outside on a regular basis (termed painting en plein air). Now our group, Plein Air Friends, is in its seventh year. To see the Plein Air Friends page, Click Here.


PAF Logo

The Artist Studio is where I currently have my professional studio workspace. It is a cooperative artist studio with 12 artists. Visits to the studio are by appointment. To see The Artist Studio page, Click Here.



I am currently a member of the following art organizations:

PAPNM - Plein Air Painters of New Mexico
RGAA - Rio Grande Art Association
NMAL - New Mexico Art League
OPA- Oil Painters of America